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Pre-paid funeral plans

Frequently Asked Questions on Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Why would I need a pre-paid funeral plan?

A funeral plan is largely a safety net that ensures all the necessities for the service are paid for in advance and provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones. The overall cost for a funeral can be surprisingly expensive with the average price being just over £4K, this will likely create wanted stress and tension amongst your family and a pre-paid plan will help to avoid any complications like this. 

In short, it can protect your family from any future impactful expenses regarding your funeral. 

What does an average pre-paid funeral plan cover?

Most funeral plans cover the cost of transport, the service, funeral director personnel and fees involving cremation, interment and the creation of a death certificate by a doctor. Other factors can include the make and model of the coffin, the headstone and the hearse in which the departed is taken. All of these expenses add up and a well-organised plan can help avoid any increase in these costs over time. 

How safe is a pre-paid funeral plan?

A pre-paid funeral plan provides financial security for you and your loved ones. Since the service and many other expenses are paid for in advance, your funds are well protected against any unforeseen costs that may increase in the future. 

What options are available in a funeral plan?

The right funeral plan should be an investment that is personal to you. Many examples include the venue for the service, the make of the coffin, the headstone with words, cremation or interment, time, date and instructions for certain individuals to be carried out on the day. In some funerals, there can be a request to show a tribute of the departed’s life. Typically, this involves a video, presentation, music or all of the above. 

This event is meant to commemorate your life and show how you want to be remembered which is why your plan should reflect and honour your wishes. With an In Home Wills funeral plan, your family can be made aware of the requests you wish to disclose and any costs for these arrangements can be paid out as an allowance upon their required date. 

What can an In Home Wills funeral plan do for me?

Depending on what plan you are looking for, we can help arrange every aspect of your funeral. No matter what you choose, the funeral director’s fee will be covered, other expenses ultimately depend upon which plan is selected. 

For example, our pearl, sapphire and ruby plans can cover third-party costs for cremation, interment, death certification and minister or celebrant fees. 

Our Topaz plan is more simple and can cover the fees necessary to ensure the service is carried out smoothly and without the worry of any unforeseen costs for your family.  

How do third party costs affect my plan?

Third-party costs only apply to plans that include additional services such as cremations, interment, doctors for issuing a death certificate and ministers. Our pearl, sapphire and ruby plans are designed to ensure these costs are covered. 

What is a 'Handling Charge’?

This pays for an additional fee for the trust when there is not enough money to invest during the plan’s inception. This mostly applies when you spread the cost of your plan over a term longer than 12 months. 

How will In Home Wills handle my funeral plan trust?

With a plan from In Home Wills, your money is placed in a trust that is managed and secured by Sterling Trust Corporation Limited in association with TJM Partnership and Interactive Advisers who ensure your finances are secure when you invest in a pre-paid funeral plan. The trust fund will be audited on an annual basis by JW Hinks and its actuaries will be Zenith Actuaries who will make an annual report.

Am I able to select my funeral director?

In home wills will work with you to secure the right funeral director for your plan. There is no guarantee of a funeral director being available at a certain point in the future but rest assured we will help to find the best high standard option to fulfil your requirements. 

How will my trust be affected if In Home Wills is no longer available?

In the very unlikely event of In Home Wills going out of business, your trust would remain secure with the trustees so there is no need for worry. 

Does my plan still apply if I die overseas?

In Home Wills will honour your pre-paid plan so long as your body is transferred back to the UK. The cost for repatriation is not included in the plan. For a funeral outside Great Britain, your overseas funeral director can be paid the same amount as your UK director but there is no guarantee that this will match their fee. 

Can I change, transfer or cancel my plan?

You will always have control of your plan so if you are doubtful or dissatisfied with the conditions, you have the option to either amend or cancel it at any time. Cancellations with us are free within 30 days after the implementation of your plan with a full refund. Transfers are more than possible for fully paid plans, simply contact us about your request and we can move your details to whoever you choose. 

Will my plan be affected by any unpaid instalments after I die?

Our guarantee will cover your plan if you have paid monthly for over 2 to 25 years. We will fulfil the details of your plan provided that it has been arranged and fully paid for over 12 months. 

What happens if I die outside my local area?

In Home Wills can have your body collected and transferred to the chapel of rest closest to the venue of your funeral. If you are located 25 miles from your local area, transport costs will be charged at the funeral director’s standard rate. 

How can I arrange a funeral plan with In Home Wills funeral?

At In Home Wills, we help organise your final wishes and ensure you can settle your affairs at an affordable price. We will work with you to gain the best plan that is easy to manage with low monthly payments and provides plenty of options for your peace of mind. 

If you would like to discuss your requirements regarding your pre-paid funeral plan, please book a home appointment or, if you would prefer, we can arrange a zoom or video call. You can also reach us by phone, email or via our contact form. We travel to meet our clients for home appointments in areas such as Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax, Wakefield, Batley, Dewsbury, Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield, Barnsley, Hull & East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Harrogate, Ripon, York, Scarborough & The East Coast and Lancashire.